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RhinoLite® RhinoFill™ Interior Crack Filler

RhinoLite® RhinoFill™ Interior Crack Filler, is suitable for minor crack, chip and hole repairs for interior applications only. It mixes easily with water, has low shrinkage and excellent adhesion properties.

Key facts

  • Suitable for use in filling cracks, chips and holes formed in various surfaces like, sand/cement plaster work, gypsum and lime based plasters, gypsum plasterboard as well as brick and concrete walls and structures.
  • Suitable for interior use only.
  • Easily mixes to a lump free paste.
  • Low slump and drying shrinkage when mixed to the correct consistency.
  • Can be applied in multi-layers until required filling
    thickness is achieved.
  • Excellent strength, durability and adhesion.
  • Easy to sand to a smooth surface finish.


  • Fill cracks, holes and indentations using a flat edge flexible scraper, putty knife or trowel.
  • If excessive absorption is experienced from the cracked substrate, use a clean brush and water to slightly dampen the cracks, holes and indentations before filling in one application.
  • Apply the filler to a thickness not exceeding 5 mm per layer applied.
  • Even out the RhinoLite® RhinoFill™ Interior Crack Filler with the surrounding surface. Slightly overfilling will allow for sanding of the dried filler to the required surface level.
  • For deeper cracks, holes or indentations, apply the RhinoLite® RhinoFill™ Interior Crack Filler in 5 mm layers, until the desired level of filling is achieved.
  • Allow for complete setting and partial drying between each layer application.
  • Setting and drying times are weather and substrate dependent, but usually a 2-4 hours setting and drying time between layer applications should be sufficient.
  • Product “pot life” is around 1 hour. Once the filler material starts to stiffen in the mixing container, it must be discarded, it should not be remixed with more water.
  • Allow the applied filler to completely dry before sanding.
  • Once sanded, wipe the area with a clean cloth or brush to remove any dust.
  • Apply a plaster primer before painting.

Technical information

Product matrix

DrawingWeight (kg)
RhinoLite® RhinoFill™ Interior Crack Filler 2Kg2
RhinoLite® RhinoFill™ Interior Crack Filler 10Kg10

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