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Gyproc AquaBead

Water-activated adhesive bead for tough corners, installed fast.

Key facts

Gyproc AquaBead corner bead is a revolutionary new corner bead that is easier to cut and apply than any other corner beads and tapes, and it is only available from Gyproc.

Gyproc AquaBead has a water-activated adhesive which provides a superior bond directly to plasterboard and the perforations allow the adhesive to adhere to the plasterboard surface.


  • Just spray the Gyproc AquaBead with water to activate the adhesive and apply to the corner.
  • It’s that easy to get a fast and durable perfect
  • 90-degree corner with no mess.
  • Gyproc AquaBead’s right-angled profile makes it easy to get straight and crisp lines without the hassle and mess of using jointing plasters or fillers, screws, staples and tapes.
  • The paper-plastic-paper design withstands impacts to prevent dents and cracks, making Gyproc AquaBead corners tough and durable.


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced application time
  • Simple and safe handling
  • Lightweight
  • Requires less drying time
  • No bedding with Gyproc RhinoGlide Joint Filler
  • Straight to second coat
  • Flexible and durable
  • Reduced callbacks and snagging

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