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Glasroc® X Eaves, a new alternative to fibre-cement eaves cladding

The Glasroc® X Eaves System is a durable external ceiling for use in covered, semi-exposed and exposed areas of buildings

Paul Louw - Product Category Manager

Saint-Gobain in South Africa has developed an innovative alternative to the dominant fibre-cement eaves cladding solution currently used in the industry. Glasroc® X eaves, is Saint-Gobain Gyproc’s latest and distinctive offering, as it allows for a flush plastered finish in order to resist the rigors of the local external environment.

This exterior cladding board aims to fully address the challenges of unstable climatic conditions, by providing a durable yet flexible solution. Often, the primary driver in the choice of material for this type of system, is that the material and installation must resist large temperature fluctuations and the natural movement of a structure.

“The Glasroc® X Eaves System is a durable external ceiling for use in covered, semi-exposed and exposed areas of buildings,” explains Paul Louw, Product Category Manager, from Saint-Gobain Africa. Glasroc® X is reinforced with a glass-mat on both surfaces, providing outstanding performance in harsh and humid environments. This non paper-faced board is free from cellulose content, and therefore has a strong inherent resistance to mould growth, which is perfect for wet areas and high-humidity environments.

Additionally, apart from its durable properties, Glasroc® X presents an aesthetically pleasing eaves concealed ceiling extension, with no obvious jointing, other than where expansion joints are required. “Adopting this new approach to exterior eaves cladding will support design excellence, improve the aesthetic comfort and simultaneously help us reach our goal of making the world a better home,” says Louw.

This new alternative to fibre cement eaves has already been vigorously tested in the harsh climatic conditions of the United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe – with great success. Due to its design and structure, the Glasroc® X board has a high dimensional stability, making it ideal for large running external ceiling areas that are only interrupted at a maximum of every 15 metres for control joints. A prime example of this is office buildings.

By satisfying an array of building configurations in South Africa, the new Glasroc® X board is ready to enter both the local residential and commercial markets.

For more information about the new Glasroc® X Eaves System, visit the product page and take a look at the Technical Data Sheet.

Glasroc® X Eaves System Product Page

View Technical Data Sheet for Glasroc® X Eaves System - 1.79 MB

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